Investment Attraction Projects for States and Municipalities

Brazil has a strong history of being a national and international investment receptor. The Brazilian states have implemented investment incentive and employment generation policies, as mechanisms of sustainable growth, as a result of this characteristic.

The ELO  jointly with each state government, elaborates political and economic feasibility studies and presents proposals for new undertakings in all municipal districts. Our main focus is to attract investment, generate employment, improve infrastructure and attain development of economic activities.

Our investment attraction projects through tax strategies have resulted in the set up of over 40 companies in Brazil, favouring company–government interaction and generating benefits ranging from the institutions’ profits to the country’s growth and economic development.

Project Development in conjunction with municipal, state and federal governments - public policies, partnerships and proposals to the government

The ELO develops economic and political feasibility studies and public policy proposals, to both states and municipalities, of investment attraction, employment generation and infrastructure improvement. In addition to that, the Institute performs economic activities for sustainable growth.

At the same time, the ELO  is responsible for the creation of tax mechanism projects and studies in order to attract business to states and municipalities.

- National and multinational companies investment attraction to states and municipal districts

The ELO identifies business opportunities and establishes, in conjunction with governmental agencies, investment feasibility. It provides for the setting up of new business in states and municipal districts, according to the each company’s characteristics and needs.

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