Business Missions

Companies are having an increasing interest in expanding their business due to the rising number of international commercial transactions. For this reason, business missions are becoming very frequent, generating investment and new business opportunities for both companies aiming for market expansion and local manufacturers and suppliers of the visited countries.

Having participated in business missions in countries such as Angola, Spain, Portugal and the United States, among others, the ELO Group has combined its clients needs to its extensive market knowledge, elaborating new visitation programs to Brazilian regions and abroad.

The Business Missions Program developed by the ELO Group aims in leading corporate groups and large investors of specific sectors to get to know businesses and projects considered benchmarks, technological centres (technical missions), or to participate in business events in Brazilian regions and foreign countries. This promotes partnerships and new investments (commercial missions). The business mission schedule is structured according to the specific objectives and needs of the group and involves all of the operational stages.

Click here and learn more about the last business mission in Angola, a partnership achievement between ELO and APEX.

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